On September 21, 2016, the Wuhan Municipal People's Government, Tongji University, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) jointly signed the cooperation agreement to initiate the market oriented platform for hydrogen energy business innovation development with Wuhan Tiger Fuel Cell Co. ltd set up.
Tongji University's fuel cell power system integration technology ranking at the international and domestic leading level is an invaluable strategic innovation resource for the hydrogen energy industry. With the capital and industry as the link, Wuhan Tiger integrates innovative and advantageous industrial resources of hydrogen power automobile technology all over the world, exerts the first-class fuel cell vehicle system integration and control technology capabilities of Tongji University, carries out research on key technologies of hydrogen energy power vehicle system integration industry, make breakthrough in the technical bottleneck in the aspects of energy, intelligent, lightweight and Internet, and vigorously promote the demonstrative application of integrated innovation and industrialization application of hydrogen power vehicle system. With the open and market-oriented resource integration platform of Wuhan IGE, and by collaborating with partners efficiently, Wuhan Tiger is dedicated to be the most competitive provide for hydrogen power system solution and green travel senice.
  • Business OrientationTo be the most competitive provider for hydrogen power system solution and green travel service.
  • Enterprise StatusWorld-leading hydrogen energy power system integration technology and industrialization capabilities.
  • Company AddressHeadquarter: Wuhan China    R&D Center: Shanghai China

  • 2019
  • 2019.01Started road test of the 7.5-ton hydrogen fuel cell logistics vehicle jointly developed with Dongfeng Special Vehicle Co.,Ltd.
  • 2018
  • 2018.09The 8.5-meter hydrogen fuel cell city bus jointly developed by Nanjing Jinlong was listed in the 9th batch of “Recommended Model Catalogue for New Energy Vehicle Promotion and Application by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's.
  • 2018.07Passed Shanghai Motor Vehicle Testing Center’s mandatory detection of high and low temperature storage inspection of Tiger 40KW hydrogen fuel cell module (supporting fuel cell bus and logistics vehicle, Test Report Number: QM18ER1NA0131).
  • 2018.04Passed Shanghai Motor Vehicle Testing Center’s mandatory detection of Tiger 40KW hydrogen fuel cell engine performance (Applied to fuel cell bus and logistics vehicle, Test Report Number: QM18ER1NA0091).
  • 2017
  • 2017.12The "Tiger" hydrogen fuel cell engine and the "Kaiwo Tiger" hydrogen energy bus developed by Tiger Automobile were jointly released.
  • 2017.02Hubei Hydrogen Energy Automobile has made a major breakthrough in R&D and production, recognized as one of the top ten science and technology events in Hubei in 2016.
  • 2016
  • 2016.12Wuhan Tiger Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. was incorporated.
  • 2016.09The world's first normal temperature and atmospheric pressure hydrogen storage and hydrogen energy vehicle engineering prototype "Tiger" invented in Wuhan.
  • 2015
  • 2015.06“Tiger”I hydrogen fuel cell engine development was launched.

  • Powertrain Development And Manufacturing• Vehicle fuel cell power system
    • Vehicle fuel cell engine
    • Hydrogen heat and power supply system
    • Fuel cell power system control
  • Core component development• New Energy System Controller
    • Efficient integrative components
    • Power electronics
    • Fuel cell engine subsystem
    • Fuel cell development
  • Technical services and consulting• System Integration Control
    • Electronic and electrical architecture design and development
    • Controller hardware and software
    • Test rig and facility development
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle matching development• Fuel cell power system and vehicle matching development (standard development)
    • Fuel cell power system and vehicle matching development (customized development)

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  • System integration advantages • Modular, platform-based design ideas
    • Advanced combined integration technology
    • Low-cost, high-performance component solutions
    • Optimized flow channel distribution technology
    • Advanced thermal management technology
    • Low ion precipitation process design
  • Electrical technology advantages• Modular design concept
    • Platform development model
    • Mature architecture
    • Low auxiliary power consumption
    • Excellent electromagnetic compatibility
    • High reliability
    • High efficiency
  • About the advantages of electronic control technology• Distributed architecture
    • Fully independent intellectual property rights
    • Automotive-grade standard test verification
    • Compliance with the AUTOSAR architecture
    • High security and reliability
    • Advanced state recognition technology
    • Intelligent fault diagnosis
Modeling and control, independent intellectual property and patents, etc...
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